The countdown to the next OTR (Off The Rails) event continues. Today we take some time out to speak to everyone’s favourite Swiss Yankee, Mr SEAN TYAS…
Sean Tyas Interview - May 2014

Hi Sean, thanks for taking time out to chat to us. What do we catch you up to today?

Putting together Tytanium Sessions, some admin work, and getting things in order for the week.

It’s been over 2 years since you last played for us and we’re hugely excited about welcoming you back to Sheffield. During this time we seem to have witnessed a recent Tyas resurgence! Give us a quick update of the last 12 months…

People think it’s a resurgence, which I guess is actually kind of nice & cool. I’m just simply pouring myself fully into trance music these days instead of my little “sowing my oats” phase of doing more progressive stuff, which I just had to get out of my system. You do anything for over 10 years straight, and you HAVE to try something new to prove things to yourself. If I didn’t, I would worry there was something wrong with me, or that I was lazy and way too self-satisfied & complacent.

You have an incredible catalogue of productions to your name – originals such as the recent ‘Now You See’, collaborations including ‘Something’s Up’ with Simon Patterson and remixes like the epic classic Vincent De Moor ‘Fly Away’. Where do you draw your inspiration from when working in the studio?

I guess lately I’ve been drawing a ton of inspiration from just breathtaking views while out running around my area lately. It’s really inspiring and hearing tunes while seeing these postcard-like scenes really push me to get back to the studio and match what I see with what I hear.
Sean Tyas Interview - May 2014

‘Lift’ is arguably your biggest track to date and remains one of the most iconic euphoric tracks to have graced the scene. This one might be a tough question, but do you have a particular favourite production of your own or one that you are most proud of?

I think to date the one I’m most proud of is “Now You See”, both stylistically and in technique. What I’m really satisfied with is just how well it resonated with people, too.

You have just recently become part of the Black Hole Recordings family and we hear rumours of an upcoming artist album… Is there any news you can share with us about this?

They aren’t rumours! I signed an exclusive multi-album deal with them back at the beginning of the year. It’s a big undertaking, but it should be pretty cool. I think I owe it to the fans at this point.

Not content with producing and DJing, you’re the main man behind record label Tytanium Recordings. How much involvement do you have in choosing which tracks to sign? Is there a particular sound you’re looking for to represent the label?

I have my hand in everything, from design and the social stuff, to the tracks I decide to sign. Also, I try to work with the artists directly to help them push themselves just that one extra bit further on their tracks to bring the best they can. Now, I have also brought Darren Porter on board to help me with the A&R job, because we are good friends and think in line with each other, and he can cover for me if I’m unavailable, and vice versa.

As a DJ, you have played pretty much every major trance event worldwide. Do you have a particular event that stands out as being your absolute favourite?

I think as far as trance events go, either A State of Trance (really any of them), or some of the EDC events when they were doing more trance a couple years back….. damn, they were insane. Also VERY noteworthy is the Luminosity Beach Festival. I’ve played there the last 6 years back to back and it is always simply amazing.

Which 3 tracks are doing the damage for you on the dance floor at the moment?

Sean Tyas – Ascend (Out on the 19th ;) )
André van Reese – Recovered
Alan Morris – Rebellion

As somewhat of a legend amongst the OTR regulars, stemming from our early years where you were our unofficial international resident, there is a real hype about your extended set on June 6th… what can our clubbers expect from your Tytanium 4 hour set?

Happy to hear that, thanks! Expect a great evening filled with a bit of the old with the new, and a few surprises in between. ☺

Now for a few quick-fire ‘get to know you’ questions…

If you could be any super hero who would it be and why?

Spawn. He’s just a fucking bad-ass. Look him up if you’re curious. BAD. ASS. You’d never want to mess with that guy.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Pffft. Ummm? OK here’s a really weird one, I eat beef bouillon cubes. Not whole in one shot, but I nibble on them sometimes while working, for the taste. I have to keep a huge glass of water nearby though, or I’ll puke because of the salt concentration but they are soooooo good. Haha!

Sean Tyas Interview - May 2014

Where is your favourite holiday destination?

Orlando – Disney World.

What was the first record you ever bought?

I don’t know exactly which one it was, but I do KNOW it was a gabber vinyl.

Do you have any particularly embarrassing moments from behind the decks you’d like to share with us?

Well in one club, I won’t say which at the risk of never going back there, I did take a piss into a pint glass and put it back nice and neatly onto the table behind me. I didn’t do this to be an asshole though, it was because the toilets were a floor up and pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to get to and back during my set. Had to improvise, better than on the floor I suppose. I just held the glass with one hand under the decks and let the magic happen, while making sure I stayed busy above. Sorry? Maybe we should delete this answer? Haha

Thanks again for your time and we’ll see you on 6th June for 4 hours of Tytanium madness!

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