Scott Bond Interview

As co-founder and former resident DJ of Sheffield based super club, Gatecrasher, at its prime you’re not far off legend status around South Yorkshire and therefore an obvious choice for the OTR birthday event. How did you first get involved with Gatecrasher?

I first met Simon Raine when he managed Bakers, a club in Birmingham, I was promoting there and the resident, we then worked together on some monthly parties in Sheffield which was early Gatecrasher.

Many believe that Crasher events 10/15 years ago made the trance scene in this country. If you could pick one memory from your time Crasher, what would it be?

There are many memories! One that springs to mind was when I first heard “Push – Universal Nation“. We had DJ Taucher playing and he dropped it mid set, I don’t normally ask what a track is but this one I just had to know there and then. I ended up getting the vinyl off him too.

Having been a prominent figure during the so called ‘glory years’ of trance how do you feel the clubbing scene in the UK has changed over the years?

Trance has had ups and downs, but right now it’s great! Currently, there seems to be a movement in all corners of the globe; small, dark intimate Trance Clubs with dedicated knowledgeable clubbers who know what they want….. Proper Trance, no gimmicks or magic tricks, just Proper Trance.

Having had some time away from the decks, what lured you back to DJing?

It’s the best job in the world, no one can stay away from it once they have experienced it and I think it’s fair to say that I’m living proof of that!

You’ve recently launched your own record label, ‘REBOOTED’, with the debut track ‘Obsidian’ drumming up some big support already.  What’s the ethos of the label; what kind of sound are you aiming to showcase?  What can we expect from the REBOOTED label throughout 2014 and beyond?

REBOOTED; there are no rules with it, we may sign a psy track, a vocal track or whatever really, but always Trance. We have a fair few releases lined up and can’t wait to put them out.

Scott Bond Interview

As well as being a familiar face behind the decks, you have a number of productions to your name including your massive collab with Solarstone ‘3rd Earth’ going back to 2004. Do you have any future plans for any of your own releases on the REBOOTED label?

Next release is collaboration from Marc Mitchell and myself and is due to promo anytime now.

Which 3 tracks have been doing the damage for you in your sets recently?

Scott Bond & Marc Michell – Airfoil REBOOTED

CM – Dream Universe – Activa Remix – Lost Language

Ciro Visone – Fighter (Original Mix)

Who have been your biggest musical inspirations in the early years and throughout your career?

All kinds of things really, movie scores, TV adverts and everything classical.

You will be making your OTR debut with a special 3 hour REBOOTED set on 29th March.  Can you tell us a little bit about the REBOOTED concept?  What can the OTR faithful expect from your set at our 7th Birthday?

A Journey through trance!

Scott Bond Interview

And now time for a few ‘get to know you questions’…

Tough question, but… If you had to name your favourite track of all time, what would it be?

For one of mine, it would have to be 3rd Earth

If you were granted 1 super power for 24 hours, what would it be and why?

The Super power like the guy from the Skittles advert, where whatever he touches turns to skittles except with mine everything turns into wads of £50 notes.

What’s the best present you’ve ever received?

Funniest one was ….”FLANGE MASTER AWARD” from a group of clubbers at the Republic. I think that I still have it in the garage. It’s a certificate and a box with red button on the top. I like the Whitehouse nuclear one.  You should have seen my wife’s face when I came home with that one.

What’s your signature tune to sing on the karaoke machine?

Avoid them at all costs

And finally, can you share an interesting fact about yourself with us?

My household which consists of my wife, son and daughter all hate trance for some reason… ;)

Thanks again and we look forward to welcoming you to OTR on Saturday.