OTR pres. MENNO SOLO – UK Edition (7HR Open to Close Set)

Menno Solo - TIMELINE
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A selection of testimonials from our past events…

OTR 7th Birthday – 29.03.2014

As for OTR, well yet again it proved why its my fave UK Trance night outside of Manchester – brilliant crowd and brilliant music… thanks to Ron Signum Hagen & Scott Bond for 2 brilliant headline sets, and Richard Pitts , Danny Taylor & Gem Gallagher for playing their usual top banter and perfect hosting… i will be back again soon!
Pete Bromage
My second time at OTR, and it just continues to blow my mind. It’s the people that make these events truly what they are. Every single person in there gave it their all on the floor. I brought with me three OTR Virgins, and they loved it. They will definitely be coming back for some more OTR madness. An exceptional evening made even better by seeing Bondy in his home City. You could tell he loved being back, and his energy, and stage presence were beyond amazing, the crowd lapped up everything that he could throw at us, and I don’t think we’ll ever see him like that again – what a joy to experience, and a massive thank you for that. Keep up the good work guys, and nights like that, if repeated, will only ensure that Sheffield sees more events like this. \o/
David Wilkes

OTR Journey Through Trance 2011

OTR was awesome this weekend. One of best ever. Classics rock!
Si Walker
Massive hats off to Danny Taylor , Gem Gallagher and the rest of the Off The Rails crew. Huge night last night, got to go down as one of my favourite gigs to date.
Steve Arnold
What an awesome night! The Trance scene down here needs some northern attitude!
Darren Pearshouse
Had an ace night at OTR, awesome tunes, mega peeps!
Will Brown
Best OTR ever! Didn’t want it to end!
Daniel Brogan-France
Last night was amazing! Thanks to all!
Helen Wainwright